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Shih Tzu/Havanese Male

This fun loving baby boy is Nonshedding/Allergy Free. Great with Kids. Tons of personality. Eager and ready to join his forever family. Extremely Intelligent. True clown like personality!!

Terrier Mix

This little girl will wiggle her way into your heart. Ideal for apartment living. Prespoiled and well socialized. She loves to play. Great for kids. Extremely intelligent. Tons of personality.

Maltese "KASPER"

Gorgeous Maltese, male "KASPER". Nonshedding/Allergy Free. Prespoiled and well socialized. Loves to play. Extremely Intelligent. Ideal for apartment living. Tons of personality.

Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Affordable Toy Yorkshire Terrier Mix type babies. Super Cute! Tons of personality. Loves to play. Come meet our amazing babies, they will capture your heart and shower you in love and puppy kisses. These little clowns will bring smiles and laughter in to your life. Perfect for apartment living.

Pomeranians rare Parti colors

Stunning Parti Colored Pomeranian babies. Fluffy balls of unconditional love and companionship. These little babies will wiggle there way into your heart. Fine boned. Thick coats. Short cobby bodies. True crowd stoppers! Tons of personality. Ideal for apartment living. This is a very loyal and devoted breed.

American Eskimo

Gorgeous American Eskimo pups. Miniature Husky type. Extremely Intelligent. Pre-spoiled and well socialized. This is a very loyal and devoted breed. Ideal for apartment living. This breed excels in Obedience and loves to learn tricks. Family raised with children. Tons of personality.


Rare Black/Tan & Silver Cream puppies. Tons of personality. Pre-spoiled and well socialized. Male: Blk/Tan. Female: Silver Cream. We have 3 Litters of Poms to select from. Come meet our amazing babies, they will capture your heart.

Toy Pomeranian Mix


Gorgeous Designer puppies. Pre-spoiled and well socialized. Extremely Intelligent. Loves to play. They will be a dream to train. True crowd stoppers. We have 1 Girl/ 4 little boys.


*Please Note: The pictures of the puppies on this page may not match the puppies available in the store. Please call to confirm availability.